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Meet Beyonce, 10 year old 5.5 lbs Maltese, owner surrendered to Los Angeles West Valley Shelter for biting.  Beyonce is a diva and bites when she is getting  groomed.  She needs to be spayed, hernia repair and dental treatment. She has an eye that has developed a cataract that will be checked.
Beyonce's adoption donation is $100
Senior for Senior program is  $50
Meet Macci, 15 month old 55 lbs Dalmation owner surrendered because his family doesn't have time for him.  Macci is a high energy puppy that needs a family who can exercise him and keep him busy.  Macci loves other dogs and is good around older kids.  Macci will need leash training to stop him from pulling. Macci is neutered, microchip and up to date on his vaccines.  Macci's adoption donation is $650
Meet Charlie Brown, 1 year old 6.5 lbs Yorkie rescued from Harbor Shelter with old pelvic injury, possible hit by car (never treated).  Charlie's left hind leg was removed that had been dragging. He is in good spirits and healed quickly. Charlie Brown is now a tripod and runs free!  Charlie Brown's adoption include ortho amputation, neuter, microchip and vaccinations.  Charlie Brown's adoption donation is $300


Meet McArthur, 10 year old 4 lbs Yorkie rescued from Chesterfield South LA Shelter in horrible neglect.  McArthur had a huge infection in his mouth causing holes to his sinus cavity. His ears and face had the same infection eating away at him.  He was covered in flea blood dust.  McArthur is on medications.  McArthur is getting oral surgery to close the infection holes and removing his rotten teeth and neutered.  he is up to date on his vaccines.
 McArthur's adoption donation is $200
Meet mama Marge, rescued after being dumped in a backyard with unknown puppies.  Marge is a Rat Terrier/ Chihuahua mix.  She is kind and gentle.  She adopted the two orphaned puppies.  One died.  Marge gave birth 10 days later to a litter of 3 puppies.  When the puppies are weaned Marge will be spayed.  Mama Marge will be spayed, vaccinated and microchip.  Marge's adoption donation is $150
Meet puppy Bart, 8 week old Chihuahua that was left in a backyard with his brother when they were a couple of days old.  His brother died.  Bart flourished is ready to be adopted.  Bart's adoption include his neuter with neuter deposit, puppy vaccines with rabies and microchip.  Bart's adoption donation is $250
Meet Puppy Arrow
Meet Puppy Cupid
Meet Puppy Valentina