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Meet Doogle, 5-6 year old 14 lbs Havanese Terrier mix rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  Doogle was running the streets of Los Angeles.  His owners never claimed him.  Poor little guy was covered in flea dust.  Doogle had his teeth cleaned when he was groomed.  He  is scheduled to be neutered.  Doogle's adoption include his neuter, microchip, grooming, dental and vaccinations. Doogle's adoption donation is $400.
Meet Calvin, 1 year old 7 lbs Maltipoo, rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  Calvin was owner surrendered because his family could not afford his ortho surgery.  Calvin was rushed to fix his broken right from leg.  Calvin is playful.  He climbed out of this pen area and needed to be crated to continue his medical care. Calvin adoption include his ortho surgery, neuter, vaccines and microchip. Calvin's adoption donation is $500
Meet Puppy Julia, 5 month old 10 lbs Terrier, rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.
More updates to come.
Meet Bear, 14 month old 13 lbs Shih Tzu from a backyard breeder.  Bear had a mishap and needed his tail amputated.  Bear pulled off his cone and chewed the stitches from his tail.  He is on antibiotics and pain medication.  
More updates to come.
Meet Shelby, 3 months old 4.8 lbs Female Papillon Terrier puppy, rescued from South Los Angeles Chesterfield Shelter. Animal control caught her.  She is terrified and biting.  Shelby is being treated for mange.  She is healing and stopped fear biting.  Shelby will be up for adoption once she heals.
Meet Troy, 6 week old 1 lb Maltipoo, rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  Puppy troy has severe diarrhea and going to the vet.  More information to come.


Meet Puppy Elliot, 10 week old Havanese/ Poodle mix about 3 lbs, rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  Elliot fell from a 4 story balcony.  He was treated at VCA vet hospital then surrendered to the shelter.  Elliot had pulmonary contusions.  He continued his oxygen therapy at this foster home.  Later Elliot was treated for severe diarrhea.  Elliot is healthy and ready for his new home. Elliot's adoption donation is $650 plus neuter deposit.