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Meet Doc Hollywood, 1 year old 13 lbs Havanese mix,  rescued from Los Angeles West Valley Shelter.  Doc came into the shelter with a large neck wound probably from a dog attack. Doc has over 25 staples and healing nicely.  Doc is getting neutered in the new year and will be up for adoption.
Doc Hollywood's adoption donation is $450
Meet Kenny, 2 year old 7 lbs Miniature Poodle with under developed eyes, rescued from Bakersfield City Shelter, CA.  Kenny was shaved down by the shelter.  He went straight to the vet hospital and got bloodwork with fecal done.  Kenny is treated for Giardia. Sweet limited vision Kenny is full of kisses and love.  He barks at other dogs.. Kenny is getting neutered, microchip and dental.  Kenny is scheduled to see the specialist at EyeCare for Animals. Kenny is under Second Chances for Blind Dogs. 
Kenny's adoption donation is $350
Meet Puppy India, 9 weeks old 2.7 lbs Maltese Shi Tzu mix rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter with chest trauma.  We rushed India to Van Nuys Vet Clinic where we found out the owner had been there earlier that afternoon. Dr Oh recommended that the puppy go to Urgent Vet Care.  India went to Access Speciality Vet Hospital where the vet recommended that she be put to sleep as she had a hard time breathing.  We took the chance in life and took her home to be in our professional Oxygen Unit. The next day India was alert.  The next day Critical care vet at Access was surprise at her quick recovery.  India is on Clavamox to prevent pneumonia.  She will get xrays to how her lungs and head are doing.
India's adoption include her emergency critical care, spay microchip, and puppy vaccines.  Puppy India's adoption donation is $600 plus spay deposit. 
Doc Hollywood