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Meet Puppy Fitzgerald rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  The puppy was found in a park when he was about 3-4 days old.  Fitzgerald had a black leg that fell off after a couple of days.  Fitz is a tripod puppy. Fitzgerald will get his leg remained cleaned up when he is neutered.
Fitz playing on FB.  Fitzgerald's adoption include his medical care, amputation, neuter, microchip and puppy vaccines.  Fitzgerald's adoption donation is $450.
**Fitz has over 150 applications. Fitz is getting his surgery on his fragment leg.  Thank you.
Meet Gigi, 6-7 year old 4.5 lbs Maltese Poodle mix rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter. Gigi is recovering from Kennel Cough.  She has a small mammary mass the needs to be removed.  Gigi had an abscess in her mouth which disappeared after receiving antibiotics.
Gigi is healing after her surgery.  Gigi's adoption include her Tumor removal, medical treatment of kennel cough, Spay, dental, vaccinations and microchip.  Gigi's adoption donation is $400
Meet Coco, 12 yr old 10 lbs Poodle mix rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  Her owner surrendered her for getting old and tried to replace her with a younger dog. After seeing the vet and getting bloodwork, Coco is on insulin for diabetes and heart meds (grade 4 heart murmur).
Coco has a Muffin's Halo for Blind Dogs. Coco is looking for a hospice home that will love her until the angels call.  Coco's adoption donation is waived under Second Chances for Blind Dogs.