Saving Special Needs & Medical Animals
(All Dogs are Adopted or in Hospice Care)

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Meet Zsa Zsa, 10-11 year old 3 lbs female Maltese.  Zsa came into the shelter matted around her face.  The shelter cleaned and clipped her hair from her eyes.  They found that she was blind.  She is fitted for a Muffin's Halo for Blind Dogs.  She loves to roam and explore.  She was on eye medication and oral antibiotics.  Zsa Zsa's bloodwork show her thryroid is very low and she has an infection. Zsa  will see the eye specialist.  
Meet Love, 9 year old 5 lbs Maltese, rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  Love is in critical condition.  She was put in the oxygen chamber at Petcare.  As she healed she was moved to the recovery with IV's.  Love was covered in foxtails and burs.  Love was gently groomed.  She is getting stronger daily.  
Meet puppy Paisley, 4 months old 6 lbs Shi Tzu Havanese mix rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  Paisley came into the shelter covered in ticked.  She was rushed to the vet hospital for medical care.  Paisley is building her immune system after the tick infestation.  Paisley is being treated for parasites.  
Welcome puppy Jessie, 5 lbs 3 months old Terrier owner surrendered to Los Angeles East Valley Shelter because she was sick. Jessie was diagnosed for Fading Puppy Syndrome. Jessie is healthy and energetic puppy.  Jessie's adoption include her medical care, spay, microchip, vaccines and deworming.  
Meet Happy, 1.5 year old 6 lbs Poodle rescued from West Los Angeles Shelter.  Happy was surrendered to the shelter because of her medical issues.  Happy needs two luxating patella surgeries on her knees and she has a spinal issues.  Happy had her locating patella surgery on her right hind leg.  She is on crate rest at her foster home.   
Meet Mimi, 8 year old 3.8 lbs Yorkie, rescued from the medical ward of OC Shelter. Mimi is partially blind (left eye), possibly deaf and has a giant bladder stone.  Mimi had surgery to remove the stone that has been causing her pain for years. Mimi is on a special diet to prevent stuvite deposits. She will have to continue on her special diet.  Mimi is healthy thru she is continuing to heal from years of neglect.  
Meet Daisy Lou, 3.5 month old 6 lbs Maltese Yorkie Terrier mix rescued from the vet hospital.  Daisy's family brought her into the vet hospital to be euthanized for having a broken leg.  Daisy is a sweet gentle puppy.  She had her leg fixed and is being loved at her foster home.  
Meet Luna Moon, 2 year old 5 lbs Poodle rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter with her left front broken leg.    Luna will heal and get spayed with dental cleaning.  Luna is a tiny girl who will probably be a lap companion. 
Meet Toby, 6 year old 5 lbs Yorkie, rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  Toby is owner surrendered with medical issues, a bad infection caused from dental disease.  He is monocrypic (Only one testicle descended).  Toby's 4 lymph nodes in his neck are like marbles.  He is on antibiotics until he is ready for his dental treatment and neuter. 
Meet Gabana, 3 year old 4 lbs female Yorkie rescued from Animal Friends of the Valley with a severe broken leg. Gabana was taken to our vet hospital where she had surgery to put a plate in her foot.  Gabana is taking time to heal.  She will need some professional physical therapy for her healing leg. 
Meet Reggie, 2.5 year old 7 lbs Maltipoo rescued from Bakersfield Shelter.  Reggie had a huge bite wound on his right hind thigh.  He is healing from his surgery of neuter and bite wound.  
Meet Baby Bordeaux, 15 year old 3.6 lbs Blind Yorkie rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  Baby has a left eye that was from an old injury. Baby Bordeaux is in good health for being a little old lady.  She has dental decay and some stiff joints.   She will live out her life in hospice care.  
Meet Emma, 10 month old 10 lbs Havanese Mix, rescued from Los Angeles North Central Shelter with fractured pelvis. Emma is a very sweet gentle girl, healing by crate rest. 
Meet Gizmo Mogwai, 8 year old 6 lbs Yorkie, rescued from Animal Friends of the Valley Shelter.  Gizmo is a loving little guy.  Gizmo had bi lateral luxating patella surgery on both his knees. 
Meet 13 week old, 4 lbs Terrier puppy, Tanna rescued from South Angeles Shelter.  Tanna had been stepped on breaking her pelvis and spine.  Tanna feels no pain.  She runs in her wheelchair.  Tanna is up to date on her vaccines. Tanna will be spay with hernia repair in the coming month.  
Meet Opal, 1 year old Female Poodle, rescued from South Los Angeles Shelter with a broken pelvis.  Opal was on crate rest for 8 weeks.  She is young and playful.  Opal is on crate rest for 12 weeks and slowly getting exercise.
Meet Pearl, 4 year old 8.5 lbs Maltipoo rescued from South Los Angeles Shelter owner surrendered after being hit by a car.  Pearl had both pelvis broken and needed surgery.  A week later she had surgery to fix her inguinal hernia and spay.  Pearl is on crate rest for the next 8 weeks. Pearl is starting to play.  
Meet Taylor, 6 year old 4 lbs Male Poodle, rescued from South Los Angeles Shelter, may have been abused causing him to be blind.  Taylor is terrified of being hurt and walks with caution.  Taylor is learning to walk with his Muffin's Halo for Blind Dogs.
The Neurologist and Eye Specialist confirmed that Taylor is Hydrocephalus and needs special love and care.  His hospice mommy loves him.
Meet China Doll, 10 year old 5 lbs Yorkie rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter. China is recovering from severe upper respiratory infection and colon issues.  China was treated with oxygen/medications. She had enemas to help her pass her stools and fiber.  China Doll's swollen belly is getting better.  Further updates to come. 
Meet Rosanna, 5 year old 5 lbs Maltese mix, rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter. Rosanna was in horrid condition matted, starving (weighing 4 lbs of skin and bones) and barely able to stand.  Rosanna had FHO surgery on her hind leg and lots of TLC from her foster mom.  Rosanna is very sweet.  She will be spayed with her dental cleaning when she is stronger.  
Meet Bresha, 12 week old 4.5 lbs Black Maltipoo Terrier that had been attacked by another dog.  Bresha is lucky to be alive as she is fighting infection from her wounds and the virus (Puppy Strangles).  Bresha is healing from all her bite wounds.  
Meet Stevie, 12 year old 2.8 lbs Teacup Yorkie intervention from San Bernardino Shelter.  Stevie is tiny but mighty.  His bottom jaw is gone from decay.  His last 2 teeth were removed in dental surgery, bloodwork, microchip with the rabies vaccine.  
Meet Liza, 6.5 year old 5 lbs Yorkie rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  Liza has severe dry eye that is being treated with Tacromilus, Cyclosporine and NeoPoly Dex.  Her eyes are clearing but she will need eye medications for the rest of her life.  Liza is afraid of the clippers and has to be hand groomed. Liza is spayed, microchip, up to date with her vaccines, dental cleaning and Eye Specialist.  
Meet Murphy, 8 month old 7 lbs Terrier puppy rescued from Los Angeles North Central Shelter after he was hit by a car.  Murphy had a broken pelvis, leg and several fractured ribs.  Murphy never cried when he was transported to the vet hospital where he had two surgeries to fix his pelvis and leg.  Murphy is sweet, lovable and playful puppy.  
Meet Juliet, 3.5 lbs 8 year old Yorkie rescued from a dog broker in Arizona.  Juliet had a mouthful of rotten teeth and a mammary mass. Juliet had surgery to remove her mass which came back as Complex Benign Mammary Adenoma.  Most of her teeth were removed as they were loose.  Juliet's adoption include her surgeries, spay, dental and mass testing.  
Meet Pinky Piggly, 5 year old 6.5 lbs ALBINO Maltipoo. Pinky is playful and must have limited out in the sun as she will burn.  Pinky has a cherry eye which will be taken care of when she is spayed. 
Meet Puppy Liberty, 12 week old Yorkie puppy that was owner surrendered to Los Angeles East Valley Shelter rescued because she had neurological issues.  The breeder had her since birth and finally took the puppy to the shelter when she could not care for her.  Puppy Liberty had bloodwork done and Xrays.  More updates to come.  You can follow her process on our FACEBOOK.  If you would like to help Puppy Liberty: DONATE.
Meet Phoebe, 7 month old 5.5 lbs Yorkie purchased from a breeder ($2500).  Her family found out that she had Addison's Disease.  Phoebe's body does NOT produce cortisone and will need daily prednisone with a once a month injection.  Phoebe will need bloodwork every 6 months to make sure she is getting the right amount of cortisone in her body.
Meet Bernie, 10 year old 4 lbs Yorkie, rescued from Los Angeles North Central Shelter.  Bernie is a little gentleman who has no teeth and hardly barks. He is a good eater only soft homemade food.  
Meet Asia, 3 lbs 6 year old Yorkie rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter with severe yeast/ bacterial infection.  Asia's left hind leg has a bad locating patella.  Asia healed from her yeast bacterial infection.  She is spayed and had her dental treatment.  Asia will get her ortho surgery to fix her locating patella. Asia is developing a cataract in her right eye.
Meet Flynn, 10-11 years old 5 lbs Male Yorkie, rescued from San Diego Carlsbad Shelter.
This little guy wants a lap to snuggle and a warm bed.  Flynn is eating Honest Kitchen freeze dried dog food.  
Meet Sophie, 10 year old 6 lbs Female Maltese, rescued from West Los Angeles Shelter.
This precious princess was severely matted that she could NOT see!  Her paw pads had matted boots and her hind end was like wearing matted pants. Sophie had 15 teeth removed on her dental treatment.  
Meet  Scarlett, 5 year old 4 lbs Female Yorkie, owner surrendered.  Scarlett is shy.  It took her 2 days to finally want to eat..  Scarlett loves to play ball.  She wants to cuddle and feel secure. We discovered that Scarlett had Pyometra, uterus infection which has been removed and had two teeth removed. 
Meet Ollie, 4 month old 3 lbs Blind Purebred Maltese surrendered by the breeder. Ollie has a Muffin's Halo for Blind Dogs.  He is a healthy energetic puppy.  
Meet Georgie, 5 year old 3 lbs Yorkie mix, rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter with a broken pelvis. Georgie had ortho surgery.  The poor guy had deep tissue pain with 2 months of crate rest before Georgie was able to stand and walk.  Georgie is running and playing now!
Meet Mr Bigglesworth, 7 month old 5.5 lbs Havanese Yorkie Mix puppy hit by a car and taken to Los Angeles North Central Shelter.  Mr Bigglesworth had Ortho surgery to fix his shattered pelvis and FHO surgery to fit his leg into his pelvis.  After 2 weeks, we found that Bigglesworth had a severed tail.  His tail had to be amputated.  Mr Big is on 8 weeks of crate rest.  He is healing and wants to get out an play!  
Meet Chloe Love, 16 year old 6.5 lbs Maltipoo rescued from Los Angeles Carson Shelter.  Her family surrendered her as she cried in the shelter.  Chloe Love has cancer.  She needs a loving home that will let her live out her life in peace. Chloe Love had bloodwork and xrays.  We are treating her homeopathically and looking for a forever home that will let her live out her life. RIP 
Meet Archie, 4 months old 1.4 lbs Briewer Yorkie surrendered by the breeder because of medical conditions.  Archie is being tested for AA Luxation, Hydocephephalus, Cerebral Hypoplasia.  Archie had xrays and bloodwork.  
Meet Mikel, 7 year old 3.5 lbs Yorkie, owner surrendered to Los Angeles North Central Shelter.  The previous owners bought Mikel from Craigslist as a puppy.  They took him to the vet and was surprise to find out they got an older dog with medical issues, so they took him to the shelter. Mikel has been neutered with dental treatment. Mikel had his first luxating Patella Surgery and scheduled to have his second.
Meet Cassie, 5 year old 10 lbs Terrier that was surrendered because her family was allergic to her.  Cassie has a hind leg that will have ortho surgery to fix her luxating patella. Cassie is gentle and loving as she would make a great family pet. Cassie's adoption includes her Ortho surgery, dental, spay, vaccines and microchip.  
Meet Mira, 1.5 year old 4.5 lbs Party Poodle rescued from Long Beach Shelter.  Mira has a neurological issue possibly Cerebral Hypoplasia.  Mira is being treated for severe infection.  She has xrays and bloodwork done.  Mira is being treated by the neurologist with Clindamycin and Predisone.  Mira is a high energy puppy wo wants to play but has her limitations.
Meet tiny Clover, 2 lbs 10 year old Yorkie mix, rescued by a Good Samaritan from living outdoors.  Clover hid under the cars because she had no shelter.  The family gave her dry dog food that she couldn't eat.  Clover was covered in oil, matted to her skin and flea infested.  She has hind leg issues which she will need wheels as ortho surgery is not possible.  Clover had her last removing infected teeth removed.  She is rolling in her new quad chair.  Clover is tiny but mighty. 
Meet Charlie Brown, 1 year old 6.5 lbs Yorkie rescued from Harbor Shelter with old pelvic injury, possible hit by car (never treated).  Charlie's left hind leg was removed that had been dragging. He is in good spirits and healed quickly. Charlie Brown is now a tripod and runs free!  
Meet Beyonce, 10 year old 5.5 lbs Maltese, owner surrendered to Los Angeles West Valley Shelter for biting.  Beyonce is a diva and bites when she is getting  groomed.  She needs to be spayed, hernia repair and dental treatment. She has an eye that has developed a cataract.