Saving Special Needs & Medical Animals
(All Dogs are Adopted or in Hospice Care)
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RIP 3/29/2020
Meet Nori, 9 week old 3 lbs Maltipoo rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter. Nori has a genetic defect called Atrasia Ani also called Rectovaginal Fistula.  Her rectum is closed.  There is an opening between her colon and vagina which releases her fecal matter thru her vagina.  Nori needs life saving surgery.  She must be 5 lbs.  Nori met with Dr Yonathon Buks, surgeon who specializes in this case at Access. 
Meet Kobe is a darling 7-8 year old 4 lbs Maltese with a lot of medical issues.  Kobe was rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter with a large bladder stone.  He had to have emergency cystotomy surgery, with 2 small masses removed and his teeth scaled.  Kobe has an untreated ulcer that eventually needs to be repaired.  HE MUST BE ON A SPECIAL DIET OF LOW CALCIUM OXIATE.  
Meet Doodle Bear, 14 week old 20 lbs Golden Doodle puppy, rescued from Pasadena Humane Society.  His owner bought him from a breeder.  After a week, they brought him to the vet and found out that he has a severe heart condition. The shelter gave the puppy til the end of the day as they could not care for him.  Doodle Bear was taken to the cardiologist at VSEC which confirmed the puppy needed a PDA surgery.  The Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) surgery is $5000.  Doodle Bear is healthy and healing after his PDA Hear Surgery. 
Meet Puppy Fitzgerald rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  The puppy was found in a park when he was about 3-4 days old.  Fitzgerald had a black leg that fell off after a couple of days.  Fitz is a tripod puppy. Fitzgerald will get his leg remained cleaned up when he is neutered.
Fitz playing on FB.  
Meet Gigi, 6-7 year old 4.5 lbs Maltese Poodle mix rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter. Gigi is recovering from Kennel Cough.  She has a small mammary mass the needs to be removed.  Gigi had an abscess in her mouth which disappeared after receiving antibiotics.
Meet Puppy Elliot, 10 week old Havanese/ Poodle mix about 3 lbs, rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  Elliot fell from a 4 story balcony.  He was treated at VCA vet hospital then surrendered to the shelter.  Elliot had pulmonary contusions.  He continued his oxygen therapy at this foster home.  Later Elliot was treated for severe diarrhea.  Elliot is healthy and ready for his new home. 
Meet Calvin, 1 year old 7 lbs Maltipoo, rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  Calvin was owner surrendered because his family could not afford his ortho surgery.  Calvin was rushed to fix his broken right from leg.  Calvin is playful.  He climbed out of this pen area and needed to be crated to continue his medical care. 
Meet Shelby, 5 months old 6 lbs Female Terrier puppy, rescued from South Los Angeles Chesterfield Shelter. Animal control caught her.  She is terrified and biting.  Shelby is being treated for mange.  She is fearful as we think she was abused.  Shelby has a cherry eye that will be repaired when she is spayed.
Meet Puppy Levi, 4.5 month old 10 lbs Poodle puppy that came into the shelter with severe Chemical burns. The shelter shaved the burned area and gave him an injection of Covenia.  Levi is healed from his severe chemical burns.  He is playful and happy.  Puppy Levi needs to be neutered.  His adoption include his medical care, neuter, microchip and vaccinations.  
Meet Puppy Sydney MD, 4 months 7.5 lbs Cream Male Poodle Puppy rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  The breeder surrendered the puppies as sick with Parvo.  The puppies were not sick with Parvo.  They were positive for Coccidia and Scabies Mange.  Sydney had hives and needed cytopoint allergy injection.  Later, Sydney had pneumonia and Bronchitis. Sydney was in oxygen and antibiotics.  
Meet Puppy Brittni RN, 4 months 7.5 lbs White Female Maltese Poodle mix rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter. The breeder surrendered the puppies as sick with Parvo.  The puppies were not sick with Parvo.  They were positive for Coccidia and Scabies Mange. Brittni can climb out of her pen. 
Doodle Bear