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Meet Bindi, 3.3 lbs 11 year old Yorkie.  Bindi's mama died and her family decided it was best to surrender Bindi as they had large dogs. Bindi is sweet and used to being the only dog.  Bindi is scheduled for her anesthetic dental cleaning, IV's with bloodwork and microchip. Bindi is up to date with her 3 yr rabies and 3yr DHPP with 1 yr Bordetto. Bindi's adoption donation is $400.

Adoption Pending

Meet Bogart, 7.5 yr old 3.5 lbs Miki or Maltese Yorkie mix.  Bogie has a palpable open fontanel on top of his head.  Xrays show that is NOT an issue.  Bogie has dental disease which will be taken care of when he is neutered.  Bogie prances and has slight luxating patella which doesn't affect him.  Bogie does nip so no small children.  Bogart's adoption include his neuter, dental, bloodwork and xrays.  Bogart's adoption donation is $500


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