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Saving Special Needs & Medical Animals (All are Adopted or in Hospice Care)

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 Meet Popeye, 15 year old 2 lbs Yorkie, rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter medical.  Popeye is retired as a breeding stud and now living with his hospice foster mom in peace and harmony until the angels call.
Meet Marla, 3 year old 3 lbs Yorkie/ Terrier rescued from Los Angeles West Valley Shelter.  Marla has ulcerated corneas that is under treatment.  She will be on eye medication for the rest of her life.  She is a spunky playful puppy.
 Meet Olive Oil, 10- 12 year old 3 lbs Yorkie, rescued from Los Angeles West Valley Shelter medical ward.  Olive has no front teeth and walks a little wobbly.  She is on a good diet and getting stronger.  Olive loves attention!  She is happy to sit on your lap and be hugged.  
 Meet Bugsy, 3.5 year old 7 lbs Morkie Poodle mix.
Bugsy came into Los Angeles East Valley Shelter with head trauma effecting his vision. After seeing the eye specialist, Bugsy was treated with special eye drops.  Bugsy is healthy, loving and looking for his forever home. 
He is lover boy that loves to give kisses and cudddle. He loves belly rubs too. He is very agile and loves to run around and play. 
 Meet Chanel, 1 year old 6 lbs Maltese, surrendered to Pet Care Vet Hospital.  Chanel had given birth to puppies and was weaning them when her family let her go out for pottie.  She was hit by a car causing a severe break in her leg and fracture hip. Chanel is on bedrest for her healing period.  This sweet maltese wants to be held and gives kisses freely.  Chanel will get a dental to remove her baby teeth.  
 Meet Frankie, 15 year old 3 lbs Maltese, rescued from Los Angeles West Valley Shelter.  Frankie has cataracts, no teeth and was matted.  Frankie is a loving teacup dog that is easy to care for.  His bark is a whisper.  He loves to snuggle.  Frankie is with his hospice foster family.
 Meet Gillian, 2 year old 4 lbs Maltese Poodle mix, rescued from LA County Lancaster Shelter.   Gillian was brought to the shelter by a Good Samaritan who had seen her little battered body laying on the road. She was severely matted, dehydrated, under weight at 2 lbs,  blood sugar was extremely low. She was dumped in a field left alone to die In the cold. As she was brought to the shelter they thought she was dead. A vet technician wouldn't give up and worked 6 hours on her to bring her back from a certain death. Gillian is healing and gaining weight. 
 Meet Riley, 10 year old 5 lbs Maltese Yorkie mix, rescued from Animal Samaritan in the Valley.  Riley's family surrendered him and he sat in the shelter for 3.5 months.  Riley was treated for severe dental disease, the extraction of infected teeth cause his jaw to break.  Riley is on wet food as his jaw heals.
 Meet Apples, 1.5 year old 8 lbs Poodle, rescued from Long Beach Shelter.  Apples was hit by a car causing 5 broken ribs and a fractured hip. 
Apples is on alot of pain killers and bed rest for healing.  Apples's adoption include his neuter, microchip, vaccines and medical treatments.  
 Meet Candi, 10 months old 9 lbs Bichon Poodle, rescued from Los Angeles Baldwin Shelter.  Candi was born with under developed left eye.  Candi is caring, sweet and affectionate puppy. Candi's adoption include her spay, microchip, vaccines with rabies and grooming.  
 Meet Peaches, 4 lbs 10 year old Maltese rescued from euthanasia.  The backyard breeder died and her husband decided to euthanize all their breeding dogs.  There were 13 dogs saved.  Peaches has hair loss on her back, no teeth and needs time to heal into a beautiful dog.  Peaches adoption include her spay, microchip, vaccinations and medical treatments.  
 Meet Humphrey, 10 year old 6 lbs adorable Maltese Yorkie mix, rescued from Animal Friends of the Valley.  Humphrey's family surrendered him to the shelter.  He was severly matted at the shelter.  Our rescue had Humphrey neutered with his dental treatment (5 extractions).  Humphrey's adoption include his neuter, dental, vaccines with rabies and microchip.  
 Meet Versace,  8 week old 1.5 lbs Yorkie rescued from Los Angeles West Valley Shelter.  The owner came to claim her puppy. We was ready to leave the shelter so we spoke with the owner of puppy. We talked about the medical needed and history of the 2 month 1.5lbs male Yorkie. She had gotten the puppy from her uncle in Mexico three days ago. Her kids left the door open and the puppy got out. The puppy is very sick. Everyone wanted the best for this sick puppy since she could not take care of the medical she decided to surrender the puppy to the shelter after our conversation. Saving K9 Lives Plus rescued and rushed to the vet so he could get medical help.


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