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Saving Special Needs & Medical Animals (All are Adopted or in Hospice Care)

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Meet four year old wheelchair Sadie.  Sadie's family could not care her after she became paralyzed six months ago.  
They were turned down by rescues after they told them that Sadie was paralyzed.  Their last resort was to euthanized her. 
Saving K9 Lives Plus was asked to help Sadie.  After two days on Facebook, Sadie had people all over the country cheering for her.  A foster home was found and a few animal rescues offered to take Sadie in.  Little Wheelchair Sadie was saved thru a network army of animal advocates on Facebook.  Sadie and her brother was rescued from kern County Shelter at 4 weeks and adopted together at 8 weeks old.  Sadie on Wheels is now a therapy dog for the greater Cleveland, Ohio area.
Meet Teddy Bear, 5 month old Fox Terrier/Dachshund mix, weighing 7 lbs.  Little Teddy was bitten by a large dog at 4 months old fracturing his spinal cord and spinal disk.  Teddy was at LA North Central Shelter on death row.  He was rescued and taken to meet Dr. Balfour at ASEC.  Teddy was diagnosed as paralyzed and not treatable. A few days later, Teddy was rushed to the vet.  Teddy had kidney stones.  He was treated with antibiotics and IV's at the vet hospital.  Teddy has a new wheelchair and learning to walk.  Teddy travels the world with his family! He is the happiest puppy, full of kisses and love.  Teddy has his own Facebook Page:  For the Love of Teddy Bear


Meet Baby Shaya, 15 week old Cocker Spaniel/ Golden Retriever puppy. Shaya came into East Valley Shelter bleeding everywhere.  Saving K9 Lives Plus performed the Good Samaritan for Baby Shaya, donating the medical to prevent the puppy from dying for the animal shelter.  Shaya was in intensive care for a week from rat poison.  Her owners never came for her.
Shaya, (meaning "A Gift from God"), survived and is a very playful puppy.  She is VERY smart! Shaya is pottie trained and LOVES giving kisses!
Shaya is now a princess in her family!
Meet Blind Bella, 6 year old 6 LB Maltese. Bella was on deathrow at OC Shelter, Orange County, CA. Bella was taken to the vet for bloodwork.  The vet recommended that Bella see and Eye Specialist.  Bella was taken to The Eye Care for Animals, City of Angels. After a series of tests, we found that Bella had trauma to her right eye, causing Glaucoma which was left untreated.  She had an infection around her neck area causing her to lose hair. Bella's left eye had developed a cataract.  Because she cannot see, Bella lays on the ground flat as a pancake.  The infection around her neck is gone and her hair is growing back.  When Bella was spayed her inguinal hernia was fixed. Bella had her cataract surgery and injection to her bad eye.  She can see!!  Saving K9 Lives Plus wanted to thank everyone who help raise funds for this costly surgery.
Meet Benjamin Button, 1 year old Maltese Poodle 7 lbs, from North Central Shelter.  Benjamin was hit by a car and dropped off at the shelter in pain.  He has a fractured left hind leg (distal femur) and both left/right hip (Pubis) is fractured. He cannot walk. He pees and poops where he lays. Benjamin was taken to Westlake Vet Hospital.  His hind leg fracture was repaired with two pins.  He is on bedrest for his broken hips.  Benjamin will be seeing his vet for the next 5 sessions for lazar therapy treatments. Benjamin Button is now running and playing at his new home and shows no signs of his broken leg and fractured hip!
Meet Bobby Blue, purebred 10 month old 13 lbs Shih Tzu that was hit by a car.  Bobby had soft tissue damage thankfully no broken bones.
Bobby will need love to heal his wounded soul as his body is healing rapidly.   Bobby is in good spirits, loves to play and will bond very fast.  
Bobby Blue is happy and cherished by his forever family!
Meet lover boy, Romeo.  Romeo is four months old weighs 4 lbs.  This puppy came into Castaic Shelter as a stray with a severe broken leg. Romeo suffered for 10 days waiting for his family to claim him. He was in so much pain that he bit one of the shelter workers.  During his stay at the shelter, he became to love of everyone.  Once Romeo left the shelter and his leg was repaired, he became the happy puppy running and giving endless kisses.  This little angel loves to snuggle and be held.  Romeo's new family cherishes him and working with Saving K9 Lives Plus until his leg is healed.

Meet Forest, a special 4 month old 3 lbs puppy born with two front club legs.  The breeder brought Forest to San Diego County Shelter to be euthanized.  Forest front legs are missing cartilage causing his legs to curl.  He loves to run on carpet and play with other dogs. Forest will need a front wheelchair.


Forest is gettin where he g fitted for his front wheelchair.  His family cherishes him and making him mascot of their business!

Meet Jagger, tiny 5 year old Maltese weighing 3 lbs from Baldwin Shelter.  Jagger had two broken legs and was on the euthanasia list.
Jagger was being prepped for surgery but weighing only 2.5 lbs his blood pressure was dropping.   The vets said that his legs are from an old fracture that didn't heal properly.
Jagger is a healthy 4 lbs purebred maltese.  While Jagger was being groomed we found on his belly a tattoo, "H235" his puppy mill ID!  Jagger is NOT fully pottie trained. 
Jagger is now living in luxury in Manhattan Beach with two female malteses!
Meet baby Goliath, 8 week old Boxer/Lab puppy. Goliath weighs 2.5 lbs. He came into Petcare Center nearly dead at 3 weeks old. The vets did a miracle and baby Goliath lived. Saving K9 Lives Plus got Goliath at 5 weeks old. He was dehydrated and needed sub-fluids for a week. We noticed that his eyes were glued shut..After cleaning and adding medication to his eyes. Baby Goliath needed to see the Eye Specialist at Eyecare for Animals. We found out after testing that Goliath was blind in his left eye. Goliath is a happy full grown Lab mix with no after effects of his near death experience!  YOu would never know that he is blind in one eye!!
Meet Lady Godiva, 12 lbs 1 year old Shih Tzu, from Los Angeles Lancaster Shelter.  Lady G was in the ISO ward because of her severe skin issues.  Lady G was seen by our regular vet but after a month her skin issues would not go away.  Lady G went to see the Animal Dermatologist. She was put on home cook fish and potatoes for possible food allergies. She is on treatment for the next month to kill bacteria and yeast infection.  Lady G never cried at the vet office as he took 5 scrapings.  She is a precious little lady that wants lots of love.
Lady Godiva is happy with her new family and they keep her on a special diet for her allergies!
Meet Sebastian, 8 week old Yorkie/ Chihuahua puppy weighing 2 lb.  Sebastian was bought at 4 weeks old and had trauma as a big dog bit his head, rupturing his eye.  Sebastian was seen at Eye Care For Animals.  His infected eye is healing but he will remain blind in the eye. After his eye heals, Sebastian will get his vaccines then neutered.
Sebastian is spunky and wants to play.  Sebastian is forever happy with his new family!
Meet Katherine, 15 year old 4 lbs Poodle rescued from West Los Angeles Shelter.  Katherine had a huge mammary tumor which has been removed.  She is a spunky senior and gets around even with cataracts. 
Katherine is enjoying a life with a horse trainer and going to horse shows!
Meet Zoey, 1.5 year old 5.5 lbs Yorkie Maltese mix that came into Los Angeles East Valley Shelter after being hit by a car on Easter Day.  The shelter took her to an emergency vet.  The next day Saving K9 Lives Plus took her to PetCare Center where she recieved treatments for a fractured skull.  The vets had to keep her brain from swelling.  She was on IV fluids with medication for 4 days.  She is recovering from her accident at her foster mom's home.  
Zoey is a princess in her castle!  Her family own's Focus magazine which Zoey will be featured! 
Meet Pitufa, 12 years old 4 lbs Briewers Yorkie
that got her second chance.  Pitufa is blind, couldn't stand up and lost the will to live. She was in ISO at Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.
Saving K9 Lives Plus rescued her and got her checked at PetCare Center.  Her foster mom got her strong enough to stand and the will to live.  It is Pitufa's new family that is going to give her the love she will need until she passes over the rainbow bridge.
Pitufa's name that she got from her original family mean's a girlfriend or wife who is a pain in the butt, slang for "Ball and chain".  Her new name is Petunia.
Meet Snickers, 3 lbs 3 month old Chihuahua from Los Angeles Lancaster Shelter.  Snickers was adopted at 2 months old from Lancaster Shelter.  His family had a larger dog that attacked him, grabbing him by his head.  He was wounded and returned to Lancaster Shelter.  He had stitches on his face, head and back.  He is finishing his medication and starting homepathic treatments. Snicker's adoption include his neuter, microchip, vaccinations and medical treatments. 
Meet Porscha,  3.5 year old 7 lbs Poodle mix.
Porscha's family were not able to take care of her after she was paralyzed.  They tried to help her by  making a homemade wheelchair for her.  After getting xrays of her back, the vet pointed that she had three discs in her upper spine that were pressing each other.  She is not in pain.  Saving K9 Lives Plus will be ordering a wheelchair to make it comfortable for her to get around. Please check out her facebook page: Porscha-Diva on Wheels
Porscha's adoption include her spay, vaccines, microchip, medical and wheelchair.  
Three year old Chelsea, Yorkshire Terrier, was given up because her caretaker was going to a nursing home. This precious little four pound girl was a prisoner in her life, never taken on walks or socialized with other dogs. She was feed horrible food. Chelsea had grade 4 periodontal disease and had 11 teeth removed. She was surrendered to Yorkie Rescue of America and transport from San Diego to Saving K9 Lives Plus. We let her out in the backyard to pee and she jumped into our swimming pool.  Thank God, she is a great swimmer!  This little girl blossoming as she is learning social skills.  Chelsea has one issue.  She was bred to be a teacup unfortunately her teeth paid the price.  Her teeth are too big for her mouth, so she lost her front set of teeth. Chelsea is on a fresh food diet.  She will need regular maintenance on her teeth. Chelsea is spayed, current on vaccines and microchipped.​
After  3 months, she blossomed into a show quality dog. Chelsea was ready to go to her new forever home.
On May 30, she refused to eat and we noticed that her right leg was not working. We rushed her to the vet at noon, where she go two injections of cortisone/Baytril/anti-inflammatory.  At 2:00pm we arrived home, we put her on the ground and she dragged herself to the water bowl. We realized that she was paralyzed. We rushed to to a back specialist at Animal Medical Center. After that she was taken to So CA Vet Specialty Hospital, where Chelsea is being treated by neurologist, at the Back and Brain Center (949) 833-9020. She had X-ray with dye, MRI, spine fluid tests plus hospital stay. She will need physical therapy. 
Chelsea's foster mom worked with her to get her leg working and Chelsea is walking.  After bonding with therapy, her foster mom adopted Chelsea!

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