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Please join our crusade in helping innocent animals escape the horrors of living on the streets and walking the last mile at shelter death row!​

Please make checks payable to:
Saving K9 Lives Plus Inc
17412 Ventura Blvd. #911
Encino, CA 91316

Venmo: @savingk9lives
In Memory of Olivia
Meet Olivia, 11 year old 4 lbs Maltese rescued from the medical ward of Los Angeles East Valley Shelter. Olivia was rushed to the vet hospital for ulcerating mammary masses.  Olivia had surgery to remove the huge ulcerated mammary tumors.  She had a second surgery to remove two more masses found under her arm pits.  Olivia has cancer thru out her body.  The cancer in her lungs will suffocate her in time.

In Memory of KISS
Welcome tiny Mi-Ki mix named Kiss, 3lbs 4 yrs old. Kiss was rescued from Pasadena Humane Society, CA. The tiny little guy was found by a homeless man and brought to Pasadena Humane. Kiss had on an inflatable collar and was paralyzed noted on intake. The homeless man disappeared so the shelter had no idea where he was found.  Kiss was neutered then something happened to get him paralyzed.
Kiss had surgery for his penis with Dr Finch at Western Vet Group.
Kiss is working with Dr Berry, neurologist at Back & Brain Center, So Cal Speciality Vet, Irvine, CA.

RIP 6/16/2017

In Memory of TATUM
Meet Tatum, 10 year old 5 lbs Yorkie, rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter after his owner surrendered him.  Tatum had masses in his mouth that have been left untreated.  Further updates to come.

RIP 10/7/2017

In Memory of MAUD

RIP 8/4/2017

Welcome Maud, 9 yr old 4.5 lbs Chihauhau, rescued from the medical ward of Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  Maud has a domed head, large open fontanel, ventral positioning of eyes, plus severe periodontal disease.  Maud's foster mom has been teaching her to become a real dog.  Maud is healthy and ready to be spayed with her dental. Maud died from her hydrocephalus condition.

In Memory of Puppy Bianca

RIP 5/20/2017

 Puppy Bianca was surrendered to Los Angeles East Valley Shelter sick with Parvo.  Bianca also caught the Distemper Virus.  Poor puppy Bianca was not strong enough to fight against parvo and distemper.  After two weeks, Bianca died.  RIP sweet angel.
In Memory of KEANU

RIP 1/27/2017

 Keanu, 2 year old 5 lbs Maltese rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  Keuna came into the shelter with head trauma, possible inner ear infections.  He turned left in circles.  He was unresponsive that the shelter considered euthanasia due to poor quality of life. Keuna had bloodwork and X-rays of his head. He will need time to heal and recover from head trauma.  Keanu's head trauma became worse as he paced non stop.  He had to be taken to the vet hospital where he died. RIP Keanu 
In Memory of Puppy Saint
Saint was rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  He was rushed to the vet hospital where he passed. Precious 6 week old 1 lb puppy, Saint, passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Our foster, Paul Dell, made a beautiful casket for the puppy to rest in his final haven. RIP Saint, fly high with the Angels!
In Memory of Puppy Versace
 Versace,  8 week old 1.5 lbs Yorkie rescued from Los Angeles West Valley Shelter.  The owner came to claim her puppy. We was ready to leave the shelter so we spoke with the owner of puppy. We talked about the medical needed and history of the 2 month 1.5lbs male Yorkie. She had gotten the puppy from her uncle in Mexico three days ago. Her kids left the door open and the puppy got out. The puppy is very sick. Everyone wanted the best for this sick puppy since she could not take care of the medical she decided to surrender the puppy to the shelter after our conversation. Saving K9 Lives Plus rescued and rushed to the vet so he could get medical help.  RIP Sweet Versace.
In Memory of Puppy Mandy
 Sweet Mandy, 10 week old Poodle, from rescued from Petcare Vet Center.  Mandy's mama is a Parvo survivor.  Her mama became pregnant and had two puppies (one died). Mandy is being treated for Puppy Strangles. A staph infection caused by lowered immune system.  Mandy was given her first set of puppy vaccines, her immune system was not strong enough to handle the live virus.  Mandy died from distemper.  Our precious puppy is running free and healthy over the rainbow bridge.
RIP Mandy, go play with the angels.
In Memory of Puppy Gorgio
In memory of Baby Gorgio, 14 week old Maltese/ Yorkie from San Bernardino City Shelter.  Gorgio and his daddy lived on the cold cement for 5 days as a stray hold. His daddy was publicly adopted.  Little Gorgio was given a shot of antibiotics before leaving the shelter.  He was rushed to the vet where he was tested positive for PARVO.  Gorgio was intensive care for 3 days.  Baby Gorgio died after three days.  He had a nation morn his death.  Rest in Peace, my baby...we will love you forever!. .
In Memory of Puppy Lucky
In memory of Baby Lucky, an eight week old Chihuahua from South Los Angeles Shelter. Baby Lucky came into the shelter at 8 weeks old weighing 3.5 LBS.  After four weeks of being in isolation, Baby Lucky at 12 weeks old left the shelter weighing 2.5 LBS.  Saving K9 Lives Plus tried to give a puppy a home for the holidays. Baby Lucky lived in luxury for two weeks as his foster mom worried and cared for him until he passed away in her arms from Distemper on New Year's Day.  We will always remember Baby Lucky who taught us to cherish every moment with our furry companions!

In Memory of Puppy Nori

RIP 3/29/2020
Meet Nori, 9 week old 3 lbs Maltipoo rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter. Nori has a genetic defect called Atrasia Ani also called Rectovaginal Fistula.  Her rectum is closed.  There is an opening between her colon and vagina which releases her fecal matter thru her vagina.  Nori needs life saving surgery.  She must be 5 lbs.  Nori met with Dr Yonathon Buks, surgeon who specializes in this case at Access.  

In Memory of Puppy Joshua MD

RIP 8/22/2020
Meet Puppy Joshua MD, 1.5 lbs  7 weeks old White Male Poodle Puppy rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter
Puppy Joshua died from Scabies Mange and the treatment to kill the mites on Saturday, August 22 at 2:15 am. He was covered in Scabies mites.  RIP, sweet Puppy Joshua MD. 
We love you.

In Memory of Puppy Lily Belle

RIP 10/12/2020
Meet Lily Belle, 6 week old 2 lbs Terrier puppy owner surrender because she was dying from severe infection.  After 4 days of intensive care, Lily Belle died.
RIP Angel...We love you.

In Memory of Puppy Malcolm

RIP 2/23/2021

Meet Malcom, 3 months old 2 lbs Black Morkie mix surrendered to Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  Malcolm had a severe respiratory infection and parasites. Malcom received antibiotic injection and was kept in oxygen with gentamicin nebulizer.  He is being treated for Giardia and Coccidia. Malcolm is under the same treatment as his brother Brady.   Malcolm's adoption include medical care, puppy vaccines, neuter with deposit and microchip.
RIP Malcolm 
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