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Saving Special Needs & Medical Animals
(All Dogs are Adopted or in Hospice Care)
Saving Special Needs & Medical Animals
(All Dogs are Adopted or in Hospice Care)

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 Nana, 13 year old Pomeranian rescued from South Los Angeles Shelter.  Nana has severe dental decay and her hind legs have difficulty walking.  Nana will get stronger and live out her days in hospice foster care.  Died 10/29/2016.  RIP

Rest in Peace

 Jack, 1.5 year old 6 lbs Pekingese/ Japanese Chin mix, rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter after being hit by a car.  Jack was in the vet hospital for 2 weeks. He had some head trauma causing some neurological issues which healed with time. He is a sweet loving little guy!  
 Kasper, 8 lbs 5 year old Powder Puff Chinese Crested, rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  Kasper escaped twice from his family.  He was redeemed the first time.  His family never came for him the second time.  Kasper was in the medical ward for skin allergies.  He is on ear, eyes and skin medication.  Kasper wants someone who can spend time with him.  

Rest in Peace

  Einstein, 4 lbs 1.5 year old Maltipoo, rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  Einstein was part of the evidence Parvo dogs from a hoarding home of 100 dogs.  He was quarantined for a week under going treatment of kennel cough.
 Heidi, 7 year old 6.5 lbs Maltese Westie mix rescued from Ventura County Camarillo Shelter. Heidi had 6 mammary tumors removed and dental care for her severe plaque on her teeth. 
 Ace, 4.5 month old 3.5 lbs Maltese surrendered to Petcare Vet Center because he was sick with parvo.  Ace was treated for parvo and quarantined for 2 weeks as he shed parvo and treated for slight Pneumonia . 
 Aiyana, 3 lbs 10 year old Teacup Yorkie rescued from Animal Friends of the Valley Shelter.  Aiyana is being treated for kennel cough. Aiyana's decay on her teeth was severe causing her jaw to be broken when the vet removed her infected teeth.  She had to have her jaw wired.
 Theodore, 3 lbs 6 year old Yorkie (owner surrendered) rescued from Los Angeles North Central Shelter.  Theodore was severely neglected and matted.  The shelter had to shave him to remove the matted coat. His owners said that he hasn't pooped.  He was so matted that he  couldn't poop past his matted coat.  His rectum was swollen and inflamed and need medical attention immediately.
  Hudson, 3 year old 9 lbs Yorkie rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  Hudson was attacked by an animal leaving laceration on his leg and Inguinal Hernia.  Hudson had surgery for his hernia, neuter and dental cleaning. He is a gentle guy who wants love and hugs.  
  Jupiter, Star and Venus were surrendered to Petcare Vet Center after their mama died.  The puppies were sick from Parvo and treated while their were in Petcare Vet Center.  After leaving the vet hospital the puppies were treated for slight kennel cough (10 days of Tetracycline) and given several dewormers (10 days of Albon/5 days of Fenbenzadole).
 Chloe, 9 week old Poodle mix rescued from Los Angeles North Central Shelter.  Chloe was owner surrendered because her family could not afford to get treatment for her parvo.  Chloe was treated for Parvo and quarantines in her foster home for 2 weeks.  She was treated with 3 different dewormers to clear her of parasites.  Chloe is full of puppy energy and loves to play. 
 Meet Jimi, 3 lbs 3 year old Maltese, rescued from Los Angeles South Central Shelter.  He was severely matted with a deformed hind leg.  His leg may have been broken and never repaired.  Jimi feels the safest when he is held. He is a feisty tiny guy.  
 Meet Brooklyn, 5 month old 5 lbs Terrier rescued from Los Angeles Downey Shelter.  His family surrendered him because he had a bite wound on his neck and urinary infection.  During his stay at the shelter, Brooklyn caught an upper respiratory infection.  Brooklyn is on antibiotics while he is in quarantine at his foster home.  
Welcome Buddy, 7 year old 5 lbs Yorkie from Los Angeles Harbor Shelter. Buddy and Cookie were adopted twice and returned to the shelter twice!!! Cookie was adopted a third time without Buddy. While Buddy was in his second home, a child held him and Buddy turned and nipped the child. Buddy was put in quarantine at the shelter for 10 days. Cookie was gone and Buddy was alone at the shelter. The medical staff found that Buddy had seizures and started him on Phenobarbital. The medical notes said that Buddy was protecting Cookie.  

Welcome Mina, 3.5 year old 6 lbs Yorkie rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  Mina's family surrendered her because they could not take care of her medical.  Mina has a water filled cyst on top of her head. She is on antibiotics for ear infections and anti fungal for her vulva.  Mina loves other dogs and would love to be your snuggle buddy.  
 Meet Noel, 7 month old 8 lbs female Maltese/ Terrier mix.  Noel was surrendered to Petcare Vet Hospital because she was very sick with Parvo.  Noel was treated for Parvo and is quarantined as she sheds her parvo.  She is being treated with dewormers (Albon for 10 days and Fenbenzadole for 5 days).  Noel is on tetracycline to prevent her from getting kennel cough. Noel is healthy and ready for her new home! 
 Meet Maisy, 15 week old 2 lbs Terrier Chihuahua mix rescued from Bakerfield Shelter with two large hernia.  Maisy had hernia surgery for two areas.  She was spayed while she was under.  Maisy had a series of dewormers and her puppy vaccinations.
Welcome Georgia, 3 year old 5.5 lbs Yorkie, rescued from the medical ward of Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.  Georgia had a severe broken pelvis.  She has overlapping fractures the right ilium and a fracture of the left ischium.  She also has bilateral locating patella.  
Georgia is walking and healing.  
Meet Mercedes, 7 year old  4 lbs Maltese, rescued from Los Angeles East Valley Shelter.   Mercede's family surrendered to to the shelter.  She is very thin.  She should gain a little weight before she gets spayed with her dental cleaning, eye stye and skin tag removed. 
Meet Annalise, 8 month old 8 lbs Poodle mix, rescued from Los Angeles North Central Shelter. 
Annalise's X-rays showed that she had a major leg break and needed to be rushed to the vet hospital. Dr Andy saved her leg!!  Annalise is going great walking.  She will need to go to the vet to remove the pin from her leg.  
Meet Nellie, 5 lbs 10 year old Yorkie from Animal Friends of the Valley Shelter had 26 Yorkies from a hoarding situation.  Some of the Yorkies were adopted and the other were taken by the Humane Society.  Nellie was left behind with her mammary masses and no teeth.  We rescued her and will treat her mammary masses 
Meet Ivy, 9 month old 5 lbs Briewer Yorkie Terrier, rescued from the medical ward of Los Angles East Valley Shelter.  Ivy was attacked by another dog (evidence is bite wounds).  She had head trauma probably from being shaken.  Ivy was afraid but her foster parents have teach her to trust.
Meet McArthur, 10 year old 5 lbs Yorkie rescued from Chesterfield South LA Shelter in horrible neglect.  McArthur had a huge infection in his mouth causing holes to his sinus cavity. His ears and face had the same infection eating away at him.  He was covered in flea blood dust.  McArthur is on medications.  McArthur is getting oral surgery to close the infection holes and removing his rotten teeth and neutered.  
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